From Goats to Garments

Stage 1

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Shearing a goat
We used to have the best shearer. He was quick, efficient and always got all the fleece off leaving us with more than enough to spin into yarn.

That was until a job came up on the singer 'Sting's' estate to look after his flock of goats. Obviously, he would have been silly to turn this down so we bear no grudges and it gives us a claim to fame too!

'Sting stole our shearer!'

Since then we took the decision to shear the goats ourslelves and took a course learning how to do so. It was a little 'hairy' at first, but now we like to think we can 'cut' it!

We store the fleece in big, bin liner sized bags which we store for when we are ready to use them for spinning. The fleece is graded according to age and sex of the goat.

The goats are never hurt in the shearing process and it leaves them with a nice new summer hair cut so they dont overheat!